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We make housing for the HIV community possible and with ease

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Shelter should never be a problem for our HIV friends
"Believe, embrace the journey, conquer dreams with unwavering determination."
Janice Shirley
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Our Services

Transitional Housing

Affordable housing for HIV+ individuals: Creating homes that nurture hope and happiness

Peer Support

We provide peer support, fostering hope through shared experiences and a vast support network.

hiv resource NETWORK

We hold directories that gives you access to every information you need to know about HIV

Event Speaker

Unleashing positivity one event at a time. Embrace the impact created. Open to invitations

Compassionately supporting mental health patients on their journey to healing and empowerment. Together, we build resilience and brighter futures. Join our community

Empowering our HIV patients with long-term job placements, unlocking opportunities for a fulfilling future. Together, we achieve success and growth. Join our community

Ensuring quality and safety in our home environment. Your well-being is our priority, creating a nurturing space for you to thrive, and completely afford without a hassle

U=U means “Undetectable = Untransmittable.” It indicates that when someone with HIV achieves an undetectable viral load through effective treatment, they cannot transmit the virus to others.


Making life easier for people affected by the HIV virus

Hope Fills The End. We offer housing, materials, and resource services to empower HIV patients. Our safe shelter, essential items, and informative resources support individuals facing HIV challenges. Join our caring community for a brighter future together. We need you to make a difference.

Never feel alone, confused or scared anymore. We give you hope and comfort
Let the Numbers Speak
Believe in yourself, embrace the journey, and let your light shine brightly.
Janice Shirley
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We have a free gift for you

We organized an eBook that illustrates the way to handle a life with HIV. Acceptance of ones current or immediate phase of life plays a very significant role in progressing. That shows you are willing and ready to explore or learn more about any situation, and the kind of impact it can create in your life, be it positive or negative. It just sets your mind in accepting the possibilities of the different outcomes that may occur but yet gives you the survival instincts to not let the negative parts dominate. This book teaches you all about that in connection to living with HIV. Click to learn more and for free

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We are more than happy to provide housing, directions, materials or resources to you, to keep you well informed on all you need to know about our services and HIV in general. We would also be happy to speak at your events and spread our knowledge on ways to help the HIV community and stop the spread.